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Papermaking Retention Aid JH-8501 with the best price

Papermaking Retention Aid JH-8501 with the best price

    • Papermaking Retention Aid JH-8501 with the best price
    • Papermaking Retention Aid JH-8501 with the best price
    • Papermaking Retention Aid JH-8501 with the best price
  • Papermaking Retention Aid JH-8501 with the best price

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Brand Name: JH
    Certification: ISO9001,ISO14000
    Model Number: 8501

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1MT
    Price: USD700-1200/MT
    Packaging Details: 200 Liters plastic drum or 1000 Liters IBC drums or as per clients’ requests.
    Supply Ability: 3000MT/MONTH
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    Detailed Product Description





    Retention aids (JH-8501)




    Papermaking Retention Aid


    JH-8501 is an organic polymer compound of cation-quaternary- -ammonium-salt type.The advanced technology and raw materials are from developed countries.The characteristics are as below:The effective concentration is 10 times or 15 times higher than common retention acid liquid.It has better fluidity,easy&fast dissolution,no caking or granularity phenomenon.It has very good adaptability and can adapt to kinds of papers of kinds of pulps.It can improve the retention, filtration and paper quality in papermaking to bring obvious economic benefits for manufacturers. This product has a stable performance, reliable quality and obvious application effect. As monocomponent retention and filtration aid, it is comparable to those foreign products. Besides, it can also be binary retention together with anion and can be applied in neutral papermaking together with AKD and ASA very well. This product has been applied in part of medium and large papermaking enterprises and has received favorable comments from customers.
    Product Parameter:
    Appearance:milky white liquid
    Solid content:38±1%
    Viscosity :<500mPa.s
    Bulk Density:1.17-1.21

    Main functions:
    1. Improve the retention rate of fiber fines, fillers and size materials and paper ash constituent. Economize in raw materials and reduce pulp consumption.
    2. Reduce the white water concentration, pollution load and late period treatment cost.
    3. Improve water filtration performance, economize steam consumption of dryer section, increase dryness of wet paper and reduce broken ends of wet end.
    4. Increase the speed of machine, save energy and increase output.
    5. Improve the paper physical properties and paper quality. Reduce production cost and improve economic performance.

    1. Apply to cultural paper, newsprint, art paper, white board, coating and packing board.
    2. After aids' 300-800 times dilution, adds continuously and weighs automatically. Usually, the addition volume is 0.02-0.07‰ (pure drug/absolute dry) that is (200-700 g/ton paper)
    3. Aids adding point: In the stable slurry tank before paper machine (head tank) or be synchronous with talcum powder and other additives. It’s different according to the paper machine speed, paper machine kinds, beating degree and so on.
    Aids dilution rate, aids adding point and adding volume.


    1. Water-soluble linear macromolecule, high solid content which is 6-15 times higher than that of other liquid flocculant.
    2. Low colloidal viscosity and good mobility (Macromolecule suspends in dispersion medium in the form of micron globe and does not adhere to each other.) it’s convenient and efficient to dissolve without generating granules and blocks. Dosing equipment and method are simple and convenient, which is easy to automatically operate.
    3. It does not contain oil and surface active agent. It’s non-toxic, non-corrosiveness and non-secondary pollution. It goes green and environmental protection. It’s non-flammable and non-plosive.
    4. Good adaptability and stability. It can be used in extensive pH range and not affected by other salts. Therefore, it can apply to acid and neutral papermaking.
    5. High efficient concentration, small dosage and significant effect.


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